Integrated development of children through education, awareness creation, healthcare and nutrition

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Salem People Trust

Integrated development of children through education, awareness generation, life skills training, and healthcare and nutrition

Established in 2007, Salem People Trust predominantly focuses on securing the rights of children, and establishing them a safe and sustainable society to attain the life they deserve. Mrs. Jayam, the founder of this organization was herself the victim of caste indiscrimination, and other social evils that affected her childhood badly. Rooted in values of human dignity, and ethical treatment of fellow human beings, Salem People Trust has ensured that the children we support are educated, well-fed, and treated on par with children from upper caste communities. The holistic development of children required much more than what an organization can do, so we collaborate with CRY - Child Rights and You, and have supported many children in bringing their dreams to reality.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


A value based ethical society that promotes improved standards to children, youth and women that integrates human dignity in all its development


Salem People’s Trust aims to build a society which promotes and sustains human rights and child rights through collective participatory process of education, awareness and collective action towards achieving equitable, holistic development of the marginalized communities towards achieving its people’s governance

Our Programs

Prevention of Female Infanticide

There are lots of female infanticide cases in rural areas of Salem district. We spread awareness on prevention of sex-selective abortion by visiting each and every houses in our target villages. Our most effective way of doing it is through door-to-door campaign. We also follow-up with the people to ensure they have a better understanding of protecting girl babies.

Interventions for child labours

Our main objective is to rescue children from bonded labour system and help them have access to education and other facilities. Once we identify child labours, we notify it to the government and local authorities to rescue the children. For our commendable work in the field, we received High School with all basic amenities to help rescued bonded children have access to education.

Child rights

Children are deprived of exercising of their rights - mainly because they aren't aware of their rights. It is our aim to protect and propagate children's rights to children, their families, and other important stakeholders of society through rights awareness, grama sabha meetings, advocacy, and campaigns. We do this to ensure that children - especially girls - don't fall as a prey to child marriages, physical and sexual abuse etc.


Education shapes the future children and give them better access to livelihood opportunities. We help children to get access to quality education, provide counselling and motivate them to pursue their education through our Child Resource Centre (CRC). College-going students are supported in the process of receiving education too. We help enrolling them in courses they are interested in.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members

M. Jayam

Managing Trustee

T. M. Caroline Rani


A. Muniyammal


S. Selvamery


M. Ranjith


P. Periyasamy


Team Members

S.Gabriel (Coordinator)

S.Sivaraman (Community Organizer)

A. Kalaimani - Community organizer

S. Bharathi - Community organizer

K. Alamelu - Community organizer

K Rani Community Organiser

M. Karpagam -Community Organiser

K. Usha- Community Organiser

R. Murugammal - Community Organiser

V. Thilagavathi- Accountant


Statutory Details

Salem People Trust is a registered organization with following certifications

  • 80 G

  • 12AA

  • FCRA certificate

  • Darpan Id

  • CSR certificate

  • PAN card

  • TAN

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Account Number: 561789629



IFSC Code: IDIB000A039

All donations are eligible for tax savings under 80G.


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